Decorative paints and plasters

Decorative paints and plasters Colorificio MP

Colorificio MP is an Italian paint manufacturer with 50 years of experience. All product lines are manufactured in a production plant in Rimini, Italy.

The goal of Colorificio MP has always been to offer a wide range of products and innovative technologies to meet all customer needs.

We offer a wide range of products: emulsion paints for interior and exterior, high-quality paints and plasters, ETICS insulation systems, decorative finishes, renovation systems, mold care products, etc.

Company INPORTANTE sro will represent the Italian company and products Colorificio MP on the Slovak and Czech market. You can find MP products on our website or in our stores:


EVENTI is a decorative paint for interior and exterior walls to achieve special chromatic light effects with light reflections.

EVENTI has special pigments that can direct light and give the surface to which it is applied a fine silky texture.

SPIAGGE is a water-based decorative paint for interior surfaces with shiny reflections that resemble the interplay of lights and shadows of sand and sea on natural beaches. Its rare pigments reflect light in the environment. Slightly textured and roughened color creates the effect of sand grains.


Thanks to its easy workability and filling performance, RILIEVI enables the imagination of the applicator. It can be used as a surface treatment or as a primer to design the surface texture and then to finish with any decorative coating of the luxury line STILE ITALIANO®.


Water-based varnish with selected and refined mica iron oxide and special additives to achieve a shiny metallic effect. ART METAL can be applied indoors and outdoors without any protection.


Water-based acrylic paint with special pearlescent additives that give the surface a satin finish. The name VELI D’ORIENTE aims to evoke the colors, warm light and rarity of exotic countries.


Microcement and resin system to create smooth horizontal and vertical surfaces.

CREATIVO® MICROCEMENT is a new way to leave and discover your home. Eco-friendly system, available in an unlimited number of colors, for long-lasting floors with a temporary design.

CREATIVO® can be applied directly to ceramic tiles and has a maximum thickness of 2 – 3 mm. It is therefore an ideal renovation system. This makes it possible to avoid disassembly and disposal of the old substrate and does not require any structural changes.


High quality polished lime-based plaster with selected marble powder, oxides and inorganic substances. Highly permeable to vapors with a natural and very refined appearance. Due to its grain size, a large number of patterns and textured effects can be achieved, including the travertine stone effect.


HEAVY METAL decorative paint based on water with metallic pigments and special microspheres for a metallic effect with a brush to create enchanting and evocative atmospheric colors.


LA NOTTE ROSA is dedicated to one of the most successful and fun summer events in Italy. LA NOTTE ROSA is a water-based paint with special microspheres and luminescent additives to achieve a stellar decocratic effect with special shiny reflections reminiscent of summer night.